Qld police continue search for duo missing in capella contest

Qld police continue search for duo missing in capella contest


Police have continued the search for two people thought to be in the race for a $250k award for the city’s first capella contest, w바카라사이트ho바카라사이트se organisers denied they were responsible for Sunday’s disappearance of an amateur actor and his mother.

It is the second time this year that members of the Ozfest family have vanished from Ozfest in the run-up to the final day, and police say they know of only one other time in the years it has been held.

Late last year, Ozfest organiser David Kavanagh’s partner and three children were lost in the night, while their mother, Cheryl Kavanag더킹카지노h, was unable to raise the funds to pay her mortgage.

“The only reason we are doing this is the opportunity to put the pieces of the puzzle together and find out what is the truth,” Detective Acting Superintendent Mark Kavanagh said.

On Saturday, a man and a woman entered the contest and won $250,000. They were the last of 20 entrants, who were then handed back to Kavanagh.

Police are appealing for the remaining 40 or so contestants to come forward with any information they may have in the hope of identifying the two in relation to this case.

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