Lynch suspended fined after drink drive charge

Lynch suspended fined after drink drive charge. — FOX 4 Chicago (@fox4chicago) June 6, 2016

Fenelon called the charging of Fenelon “irrational” and “just out of context.”

“This was what 더킹카지노he was doing, that’s what he was trying to do, that’s the fact of the matter,” he said. “His intent was to drink. He’s got no criminal intent, he’s got no intent to do anything illegal.”

A criminal investigation of Fenelon started in February when police found alcohol on his person.

Fenelon said he plans to appeal the suspension but has no immediate plans to appeal after attending Satu바카라사이트rday’s game.

Fenelon and other players spoke out following the team’s suspension Tuesday night. Fenelon said that he’d had a beer with his teammates before, before the game, and he doesn’t know who the person drinking is.

In response, Bulls management and the team suspended him indefinitely.

“The way I feel about it is, when we’re not playing, if it wasn’t for the suspension we’ve had in place because of the DUI case, we would’ve all played on Friday,” Redick said. “I think we’ve just got to continue on and stay positive going forward in terms of where we’re at, whatever it takes to get better for the team.

“All I can do is keep working hard a바카라사이트nd play. I’m just kind of trying to be positive, which seems pretty easy, just stay positive. I like to go out, I like to talk with the team, I like to keep going and keep believing in the players. I’m just a rookie, I have a lot to learn, I’ve been playing in Chicago for a few years already, and I just try to play.”

Fenelon missed two games of the Bulls’ series vs. the Lakers.

After the game, Redick told reporters that the team suspended Fenelon because the alcohol wasn’t alcohol and not, as in police reports, drugs.

“We thought about what we were talking about, we don’t think it was alcohol, it just didn’t fit with the picture,” Redick said. “We feel that we had to suspend him for that reason. It’s not really like this is what we’re talking about. It was just just a little bit too much to keep goin