Licensing changes to boost wine promotion for 2016

Licensing changes to boost wine promotion for 2016


The Australian Government has announced plans to increase the number of wine promotion licences available for next year.

The number of wine promotion licences is expected to increase as the number of applications is reduced from 3,000 to about 3,000.우리카지노

“The increase will be in addition to the changes we’ve announced in April and the amount of wine that’s already made available,” Victorian Minister for Liquor Sam Dastyari said.

Mr Dastyari said the wine promotion licensing fee was just $2.50.

“This will encourage people to want to visit our new wine bars which we can now sell in the liquor shops,” he said.

Victoria’s Liquor Licensing Minister and Liberal Party member Mark Bailey will introduce the new wine promotion licence scheme in late March.

“The primary change that we’re seeing at this stage in the year is the closure of the우리카지노 existing wine bar, which had about 20,000 customers at any one time,” Mr Bailey said.

“We’ve replaced it by the wine bar and then the Victorian Government has put in place a way in which we can sell the wines outside of the wine bar.”

The Victorian Government is already operating in a new form to offer wine promotions.

It has increased the maximum number of locations of wine promotion licences from three to 13 in Victoria to meet the needs of a more successful wine bar.

Victoria’s chief executive, Dr Simon Biddle, said the decision to increase the number of wine promotion licences was a big one for the State.

“Our wine bar has been in trouble and it had to be sold and, since the Victorian Government was in government, the wine bar in the liquor store has been allowed to close and now we’re making all of our wine promotion applications,” Dr Biddle said.

“I think the fact that there’s a very broad recognition across Victorian society that if you want to offer more places for people to visit your wine bars you have to find a way to do so.”

Mr Bailey said he would be cons우리카지노ulting with the Victorian Government to review a draft liquor legislation and determine whether the additional licences would attract the type of customers that the State wanted.

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