Blackjack is one of those games that easily brings in players, maybe it’s because it’s easy to pick up or that it’s just you staring down one opponent – the dealer – that’s the real appeal. Whatever the reason, in-house or virtual casino, blackjack is a great game for anybody. If you’re looking for some strategies to help you bluff or bet your way into bigger gains, then read on.

How to Bluff and Ace Every Hand

It’s just you versus the dealer. Who will reach 21 first? Will it be the dealer who represents the house, so their actions are scripted, honest (they are forbidden to bluff) and almost mechanical? Or will it be the player trying to bluff the dealer despite having all their cards visible – apart from what’s hidden in their hand? Quite the opposite of poker, which is all about bluffing and psyching out your opponents – even if you have utter garbage in your hand. Meaning, blackjacks requires a different kind of bluffing finesse.

The real truth about bluffing in blackjack is the closest you’ll ever come to trying to bluff the dealer, to inflate your earnings is when you double down or split.

Doubling Down – The thrilling and risky strategy where the player is allowed to bet mid-hand for an extra card. The timid tend to shy away while the bold may abuse this option. Fortunately, if you aren’t entirely sure when doubling down is suitable, all viable scenarios have been mapped out using mathematical probability, and then put on a chart for users to reference. Just be sure that you’re allowed to use the chart at the table! The general rule of thumb is if your cards amount to 10, double down. If you’re playing online at, keep a copy of the double down chart nearby for quick reference!

Splitting – This blackjack option is for when you’re dealt pairs, it allows the player to raise the stakes should they split their pair. Splitting results in two independent hands. Which means you also get two more cards (one for each hand) and the bet is also doubled. So now you have a shot for double the earnings or loses. To be a top-notch player, you need to know when to split a pair and, when to ride out the hand. For instance, it isn’t wise to break a pair of ten’s because there isn’t much else that can improve that hand.

If you haven’t caught on already, there is no science, art or need to master bluffing in blackjack, because it isn’t necessary! Not when your only adversary is a dealer that is scripted to keep hitting until they reach 17 and that’s motivated by tips – tips that they won’t get unless the player wins a couple rounds! So don’t sweat it. Consider blackjack your peaceful casino game escape, where you can drop your poker face and take on Lady Luck, your real opponent.

Blackjack Tips for Bluffing and Betting like a Pro

Test out your blackjack bluff by heading on over to, for some card action because after all, all you have to do is double down and beat the dealer to 21 to win yourself the pot!